Story telling in a Site content…

Type of Stories for a Website Content of Business or Service or a Product..

Story Telling for a Site content

A Website could be like a flowing story having interconnections within each other.

Plain information about the business or the product is boring.

A compelling story with why’s and how’s engages the customer with the site.

This is an important step while designing as well as writing content for the site.

A basic guideline for a website can be like this : a set of who we are ,what we do,why we do,how we solve a customer’s problem,what is his experience,etc,not in the same order.The goal of the site is to share info about business,right?

But it doesn’t have to be a question and answer form,It can be a flowing story incorporating all the above questions in an interesting and continuous manner.

There lies the success of the content, producing a great website which is not boring but engaging to a great extent resulting in leads that convert to happy customers finally!!!

Know your Customers is the first step in Marketing






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