Be organized and get things done effectively…A Short Read!


It’s a short read..

Go to Google search engine and type “How to be organised in life”,one gets plenty of articles advising you on what to do and what not to do in life.

But, here we are not going to dive into those things.Everybody knows,at some point of our life,we might have cursed ourselves on being disorganized…

From not remembering certain dates,or misplacing important documents,or missing the train to not feeding our pet on time,or inadequate planning for our next project,or postponing an important meeting or just procrastinating till the last minute.

Or maybe we are fantasizing ourselves doing so many things or you may call it as ‘Multitasking’ which ends up in nothing or to say many things done inefficiently or in a hurry.Master of all tasks or Half baked in all jobs!!!

If we try to be organised the more,the more we are disorganized in reality..

May be we should engage ourselves in doing things with involvement and calmness,doing one particular task at a time.

That way,we can achieve the completion of tasks effectively and efficiently.Get satisfaction and be content and happy…


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