What makes you write Blogs?

You can reformat the question like this: Why do you blog?Why you want people to read your blog?or What makes you write blogs?

The purpose can be anything from “Its just a passionate thing to write” or”I want more traffic for my website” or something more specific like”Within the month of November,I would like to increase my 250 visitors to 300,thereby increasing my sales figure from 1000$ to 1200$ and so on” or it can be plainly like “I just want to tell whatever in my mind” or “No No,writing is my bread and butter”..

So ,Whatever the purpose for writing your Blogs,there can arise simple hurdles like what will be the topic today,where will one get inspiration,will it be an engaging article or some next useless content,what the visitors say about the blog,will it be negative comments,if it is,how are we going to deal with them…

Anxiety is the one word for it.

Lets face it.Everybody has that anxiety.Some learned to cross it and some are still learning.That is the difference.

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a small step”-Lao Tzu

For Blogging,that small step to start with will be your topic for which you will write.Do a thorough research,please dont skip this one.Because when you know the facts in detail,you can present them with confidence.And you will have credibility and gain success  in future with your blogs.

Lets not forget why we wanted to write.If we remember our purpose,that will boost you to do things in a consistent manner.

Purpose and Research are the two main pillars of the thought process that leads to Blogging.

So the more we research a topic,the more we understand it better.And the more confidence we gain from a robust analysis of details we are going to include in our content.

A person can write to make money online or promote himself or bring awareness to his client’s product,or to give solutions to problems and help others in this planet,or just to expand his professional network:Whatever may be the reason to blog or the purpose,Blogging is beautiful.Its about sharing one’s knowledge to others.

Sharing is good and it helps everybody too!!!

Happy Blogging….



If you would like to know about researching your customers:How to research and understand your Customers?










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